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    fosfomycin trometamol  
    Fosfomycin Phenylethylamine  
    Fosfomycin Calcium  
    Fosfomycin Sodium  
    Sucrose octasulfate sodium salt  
    Afatinib & Intermediates  
    Ibrutinib Intermediates  
    Palbociclib Intermediates  
    FarmaSino Pharmaceutical (Anhui) Co., Ltd, established in 2008, specializes in researching, developing and manufacturing APIs and pharmaceutical intermediates. It is one of the key subsidiaries of High Hope International Group, which is one of the largest companies in the “China Top 500”. With innovative technology research and development, increasingly sophisticated quality management and timely and thoughtful sales service, FarmaSino has established a worldwide marketing and sales network for its products.
    The factory is located in Wujiang Fine Chemical Base. It covers an area over 35,000sqm and it has top-level chemical synthesis workshop and APIs workshop which are in accordance with GMP requirements.
    We devoted ourselves to providing high-quality products and comprehensive service closely linked with market demands for global customers. With strong strength in chemical synthesis, processing development, analysis & testing, formulation development as well as high-level talents, we have advantage in developing new medicine, especially in Anti-Bacterial, Anti-virus, cardio vascular, Anti-Tumor and Diabetes. We can provide more than 100 products on our catalog or by customer synthesis.
    FarmaSino always adheres to the harmonious development of the business and the environment, and with the use of environmentally friendly energy technology, clean production and environmental protection to achieve the advanced level, and adhere to continuous improvement for the harmonious development.
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